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As responsible horse tour providers we do everything possible to ensure the safety and comfort of both our guests and our horses. Horse Trekking in Costa Rica has, in the past, had some unfortunate press due to a small number of unethical providers. So, the question is, “how can you, as a visitor, ensure your tourist dollars are supporting a safe and reliable operation that treats their animals well?” The answer is simple; do your research and ask a lot of questions.

There are many responsible and quality horse tour providers in Costa Rica and abroad but they all have a few things in common:

  • Their horses receive appropriate vet care
  • The horses are regularly wormed and, if the climate calls for it, given tick medicine
  • The horses are rotated and given rests so they are no overworked and prone to stress injury
  • The horses are shod and receive appropriate farrier care
  • The tack used is in good condition and fits the animals on which it is used
  • Riders are questioned about their level of experience and matched with an animal appropriate to their skills.
  • Are the horses appropriate to the work they will be doing?

Horse Trek Monteverde meets all of these criteria and goes further.

Marvin Anchia, the co-owner, has been riding horses since he was in utero and began training horses at age 8. He loves his animals and loves sharing them with his guests.


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